A Girl Who Took the Medicine for 3 Years Was Sent to the Hospital. The Doctor Replied: No Need to Rescue Her!

Xiao Tang and his girlfriend, Ling Ling, have been in contact for 3 years. They are both juniors studying at the same community college in Los Angeles. Because Xiang Tang has mysophobia, Ling Ling takes the initiative to eat emergency contraceptives. She has been eating pills for 3 years! In other words, They had sex as soon as they became lovers. One day not long ago, when Xiao Tang came home after school, he found that Ling Ling was lying in bed motionless. After calling the ambulance and sending Ling Ling to a local hospital, the doctor said: no need to rescue her!

After careful inquiries with Xiao Tang about Ling Ling’s living habits, the doctor confirmed that the true culprit was that little pill! In general, using contraceptives have a lot of side effects. Long-term using contraceptives may result in irregular menstruation, and more seriously, gynecological diseases and infertility! Most people cannot take the contraceptives because of physical reasons, such as patients who have heart disease. Ling Ling’s sudden death is caused by heart discomfort and long-term use of contraceptives!

What a melancholy tragedy! How distressing Ling Ling’s parents were when they heard the grievous news of their daughter’s death! However, Ling Ling’s death, after all, was herself indifference of self-protection and ignorance of physiological health knowledge. Studying abroad can be inspiring and rewarding, from the simple complications of a different diet, to an unexpected illness or injury, or even to a more serious accident far from home. Often there are unexpected medical expenses that can present financial challenges. This is why people choose to buy health insurance (aka 美国医保) in the United States.

Most of us acknowledge that health insurance is a necessity today, and especially when traveling abroad for an extended period of time. If you are considering study or travel abroad, it is strongly recommended that you purchase adequate international student health insurance (aka 留学生保险) and travel insurance (aka 美国旅游保险). Also, purchasing the recommended international health insurance (aka 美国留学生保险推荐) and/or OPT insurance (aka opt保险) at a low cost from a third party is available.

Health Insurance in the U.S. (aka 美国医疗保险) is important for two fundamental reasons  – to avoid the financial challenges of unexpected medical expenses, and to ensure that you have access to immediate and proper medical care wherever you travel. International Health Insurance pays for most medical expenses and is accepted by most medical providers worldwide, and therefore provides peace of mind so that you may enjoy your study or travel abroad.

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